Can we all agree the world is crying for a pause?

I thought initially when things slowed down I would write a new blog every day, do my taxes, and update my website. But as an empath I suddenly began feeling all of this. I feel the fear, the grief, the confusion, and the blame. And I feel the need for pause. I feel the reality that many people can’t carry on with business as usual. People aren’t online shopping, or working their normal hours. Even those who have to work – and thank you from all of us – don’t want to, and don’t have normal routines at home after.

This is different. This is the whole world questioning its morals and values. This is world leaders and doctors making choices they haven’t had to make in their lives. This is the stuff movies are made of. I chose from the first media frenzy that hit North America not to comment. I chose to be a safe harbour. I did get caught posting something I thought was “helpful”. The information was incorrect. The CDC and WHO are the only sources we should be looking at. The constant media feed of information, jokes, and outright propaganda is overwhelming. And the newer media feeds for “connection” groups online, new virtual courses, new business strategies can be just as overwhelming to some. Do we really have to be busy? Or can we remove any agendas?

Our Task is Health

We do have to pivot as entrepreneurs. But we don’t have to do it today. There are measures being established to allow us to just


We can defer mortgages and loans. We can receive government aid for lay-offs and self-employment. We could write that book, paint the house, or do whatever we have been putting off. But those are not necessary either. In times of war history does not show people renovating their homes, or receiving their doctorate. People quieted. They focused on the task at hand. Our task is health.

Disease is More than a Virus

I  listened to live church by video while I walked my dog Sunday. That’s also a choice – how I feed my mind. They mentioned satisfaction and how we are all seeking that through money, success, and sex. But you have to be most satisfied with yourself. Is this why isolation is so hard? Because we have to sit with ourselves? And they also mentioned disease. Dis = lack or apart from + ease = absence of difficulty or effort. Disease is more than a virus. Our bodies need this absence. Absence of stress and expectation. Absence of others. Absence of worldly influence.

We Must Act to Satisfy our Own Soul

We must acknowledge the disease. And we must all act in the way that satisfies our own souls. No judgement. People react in fear buying all the TP, but they also act in fear rushing to “fix” their business. People then rush to judgement of those hoarders, and the politicians, and the travelers. Let’s just not.

Let’s just pause.

For my own sanity I have decided to post funny and inspiring posts only. Personally I am on a 30 day program to focus on nutrition and exercise. I’m sharing that on IG. It may help others. But it’s mostly for me. I have no junk food in the house. I’m cooking from scratch. I’m working on what I feel is the best for me.

The earth is breathing. I can feel that. And it feels good. Pollution from garbage, cars and factories has declined. Wildlife is appearing in places they haven’t been seen in years. Could there be a new way forward? I know people are breathing, too. People are taking time to heal, time to care, and time to adjust. Let the healing happen.