A young musician friend who traveled East to attend University put out his first music CD entitled The Coast this past fall. Living on the Coast seems to have brought out the truth that was hiding in him in Ontario. (Give it a listen.) Similarly, I’ve traveled to there three times now, twice in just twelve months, and I get it. There is a draw, a calling, to Canada’s East Coast. There is a solitude on the water you don’t find elsewhere. And this feeds my dream. In contrast I spent my childhood on various lakes in northern Ontario. I’ve water skied and tubed at crazy speeds behind reckless boat drivers. I’ve skinny-dipped, and had camp fires well into the night at many beaches. But oceans are different.

Full Circle

And I am different. In high school I recall being interested in Oceanography. That field of study quickly changed because I couldn’t imagine moving away from my family. I am truly blessed and thankful that I have close, loving family. But the love of family has finally been trumped by my love of that water. My journey has brought me full circle. When my own children now dream to live across various parts of this vast and beautiful country, my soul is called back to the coast I dreamed of at their age.

Each day is a new leg of my journey. Every day I am challenged and hopeful; I experience success and discontent. On bad days I allow myself to believe the worst. I allow myself to disconnect. On good days I put my head down and work to build that dream. Other days, like today, I recall staring at the sunrise over the ever-changing Northumberland Shore and find peace. Not because I’ve made it. Not because my dreams are accomplished. But because I’ve finally realized exactly what they are.

It Feels Like Home

Time on the East Coast clears my mind like no other place.  It feels like home. And my mind is open to the possibility of what I could become. My philanthropic spirit can grow. A plant-based business model can come alive. Maybe I can take in those rescue dogs I dreamed of. It draws me in to believe I can have this. I won’t longingly look at someone else’s dream life. It will be mine. There is family, and timing, and finding the right property all to consider. But I know it’s all going to come together. This East Coast life is calling, and I’ll soon be living – not just singing – the songs of The Coast.