VIP Sales and Branding Bundle $2378 (over $400 in savings)

Develop a solid marketing strategy with a Branded Story Biography, Social Profiles that Sell, Execute Your Mission, and Relationships for Sales Success in one package.

Interviews, coaching sessions, and new marketing content created for you. See individual details below.


    • Your first month of BANK membership free
    • Signed copy of Uncover Your Light
    • 5% discount on any a la carte services during membership

Branded Story Biography $438

Are you struggling to articulate your passion and expertise to convert clients?

An exclusive one-hour interview uncovers the story behind your business and provides a unique biography that identifies your unique value proposition. Connect with your audience with your personality, authenticity, expertise, and credentials on your website, speaker sheet, book cover, or wherever you need to stand out.

Social Profiles that Sell $798

Not getting enough attention on social media?

Develop new profiles that will get you more attention and clicks. AAll social profiles will reflect an updated brand story and keywords to target your ideal client. The Brand Story Biography is included.

Execute Your Mission to Realize Your Vision $998

Improve your ROI with a clear vision and mission from an in-depth business assessment detailing actionable steps to strategize your aligned business success to your personal legacy.

Relationships for Team Success $998 ($99 monthly subscription required)

Not every relationship ends in a sale, but every sale begins with a relationship.

We are selling all the time, whether it’s introducing ourselves at networking, sending an email, introducing a new idea, or creating a sales proposal. Introduce your team to values-based language to strengthen relationships and clearly communicate to improve your ROI. Includes 5 hours of team training for up to twenty (20) people, Personality Value Cards, one in-depth personality profile, and ongoing weekly group support for the subscriber.

The Language of Sales $99 Monthly Subscription

Values-based communication training in a monthly membership program to one of the top sales systems in the world. Corporate monthly learning and weekly group support with me. Elevate your communication and emotional intelligence to present your message effectively to 100% of your audience.


    • 10 Tips to Communicate through Body Language
    • One Set of Personality Value Cards

VIP Language Upgrade $1998

Private interviews will create done-for-you sales copy for your website or landing pages (5 pages total) with values-based language and Power ScriptingTM.


    • How You Are Perceived: sales language audit
    • 3 Sets of Personality Value Cards
    • First month of membership free
    • 5% Discount on any a la carte services during membership

Business Storytelling Master Class $4975 ($99 Monthly Subscription required)

Live weekly coaching and business brainstorming over 12 weeks to develop your storytelling skills and clear communication of your message over all mediums to reach your ideal client. Ongoing weekly group support during paid monthly membership.


    • 3 Powerful Points Every Business Story Needs
    • 5 Branded introductions for your 30 second pitch
    • 3 Sets of Personality Value Cards
    • First Month of Membership Free
    • 10% discount on any a la carte services during membership

VIP Storytelling Done-For-You Upgrade $3998

Three private coaching sessions to develop your choice of a Signature Story or 4 targeted sales presentations written for you. Ready to go with your personality and powerful language to capture your audience.


    • In-depth Personality Profile
    • How You Are Perceived: sales language audit
    • Signed Copy of Uncover Your Light
    • Free Summit and a friend for free

Done for You: Enriched Marketing $5986 ($99 Subscription required)


Script your sales copy to reach 100% of your audience and close more sales. Interviews and business audit to provide effective language on your website, landing pages and funnels that attract and land your ideal client.  (Maximum 15 pages total)


    • First Month of Membership Free
    • In-depth Personality Profile
    • 3 Sets of Personality Value Cards
    • 10% discount on any a la carte services

Done for You: Signature Story Development $5986 ($99 Subscription Required)

Whether speaking on stage or making a sales proposal, this done-for-you signature story is a core component to convert sales and engage with your audience on every level to build your business and uplevel your income.


    • First Month of Membership Free
    • UVP outline
    • 3 Sets of Personality Value Cards
    • 10% discount on any a la carte services

Communication Alchemy $21,868

(Quarterly and monthly payments available)

Alchemy: the transformation of matter to convert base materials into a universal elixir

Work with me for one year on weekly coaching, training, challenges, and content production to elevate your communication in your spoken and written word. Uncover the power of BANK Codebreaker Technology, storytelling, and my expertise to present your message with confidence and clarity. Every sales page, website, introduction, and social media account will be reviewed, reworded, and rewarded with higher close rates and confidence in your message. This package includes all services on this page in one reduced price.
Includes: All training and copywriting, VIP upgrades, weekly training and interviews, and approved content for all public-facing communication. Continued weekly group support sessions as long as membership is held.


    • 20% discount on any a la carte services for life
    • 10 sets of Personality Profile Cards

Ghostwriting, Editing and Publishing

Allow my language alchemy to transpose your thoughts into powerful language that highlights your personality and expertise to close more sales.

Blogs are still one of the most powerful sales funnels available. You already have a captured audience who wants to hear from you. Take advantage with a series of blog posts written for you to guide your audience to buy, refer, and become your raging fans.

A book is a valuable tool to capture your market audience with your unique message. Your book may require simple editing creative editing or Power Scripting TM to enrich your content to reach a wider audience while staying true to your voice. Fully written work is also available. All editing and ghostwriting projects are priced individually based on content provided, book format and number of words.

Full publishing packages, including marketing, are also available.