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As I sit here drinking my morning smoothie and thinking how far I’ve come in caring for myself – my mind, my body, and my energy – I am equally dismayed at how easy it would have been to keep listening to the rhetoric that so many others still believe regarding their health. I want to hear truth. I want to speak truth. And I have spent much of this year researching truth. It’s been a journey, and my self-care has slid back a few times in the overwhelm. I had some bouts of eating comfort food, admittedly, as we all did. I also had bouts of disengaging on social media. But what became very clear is, as the X-Files TV series said, “the truth is out there”.

What you focus on you indeed attract. A friend recently suggested that because I was looking at alternate news sources concerning lockdowns, vaccines, and the viral pandemic that took over our lives in 2020 I would find more of what I was looking for. I would start down a rabbit hole of information and end up with all the opposing information and conspiracies available. Perhaps she is correct, but in search of the truth, I have two questions.

1) Does the information not have to have some bearing of truth in the mind of the author for it to be shared?
2) If we felt we were being told the truth would we even begin to look elsewhere?

And that truth, the truth we are not being told by the government, the WHO, and the media is causing fear and division in a time when common sense and community are most needed. If we are at risk of losing our way of life, and there is a faction that seeks to do that, fear and division are the ultimate psychological weapons.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

There is conflicting and changing information brought forward from “trusted” sources every day. A statement by the WHO early on advised that we should not wear masks. Then we were advised it could help. Soon after we were publicly shamed for not wearing one. Queries into any treatment besides the vaccine are quickly dismissed. Some countries seem to be managing well without lockdowns. It spreads on surfaces. It doesn’t spread on surfaces. It can be transmitted through a carrier with no symptoms. It can’t be spread through a-symptomatic people. No data has been provided linking restaurants or small businesses to breakouts, yet they are closed. We are called selfish and disrespectful of the value of human life if we don’t isolate or get vaccinated. Social media accounts are closed for sharing “conspiracy”, but under who’s orders and guidelines? Perhaps conspiracy is all around us and controlling everything else.

Some Simple Truths

People are dying. No one wants that. To the best of my ability, I have calculated the percentage of death from those infected at around 1% to 2%. That is the same rate as seasonal flu. The infection rate is higher, but the percentages are the same. Has anyone noticed no one has the flu this year? There is no reporting on that. Are all flu cases listed now as COVID 19? I admit, by the numbers, Covid seems to have a much higher transmission rate, but an overwhelming majority of deaths are in LTC facilities, just like the seasonal flu, not restaurants, gyms, and beauty salons.

Covid tests have false positives and false negatives. When this is a known fact why are we believing the increased numbers every day as fact? I saw a video of a kiwi fruit testing positive for COVID 19. I also wonder if there is any link to positive tests linked to those who have annual flu shots? Could there be a protein existing in our bodies that reports as COVID 19?

Other existing medications have been shown to have some effectiveness in treatment. Instead of launching peer-reviewed studies, these doctors are discredited and the only solution preached is a new vaccine.
We are going into further lockdowns when case numbers are still rising. Where are they coming from when everyone is home? Does this not prove that lockdowns don’t work to resolve the spread? Are there statistics showing a difference with wearing masks? In the summer when we were leaning more towards “open as usual” case numbers were still going down. When the normal flu season came upon us numbers rose dramatically, even though we were masked and locked down.

Truths About Vaccines

And here are some truths about vaccines.

1) You will be a guinea pig. The rush of vaccines like the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 caused narcolepsy. And there is an ongoing debate on the safety of multiple childhood vaccines being given in one shot when that has never been tested in a laboratory setting.
2) Vaccines have a history of side-effects that no drug company is liable for. The U.S. government, since 1987, funds an annual $4 billion legal fund to support drug claims for death and lifelong complications from vaccines. The Canadian government has adopted this strategy with the Covid 19 vaccine.
3) The vaccine, only when in the process of being distributed, was admitted NOT to immunize against the virus, but to lessen the symptoms. For nine months it was to be our savior. Now we still need to wear masks and social distance even after we have received the vaccine.
4) Efficacies are manipulated to appear better than reality. The Pfizer vaccine, for example, is touted to be 95% effective (to lessen symptoms) from a clinical trial on 170 people. It was a blind trial with a placebo used on 162 of those in the study. That means only 8 people received the vaccine and 1 had negative results. That is a 12% fail rate by my math when only 1%-2% of the overall infected population has lost their lives.
5) Long term care centres are being told to expect fatalities from some residents who receive the vaccine. I thought the idea of the vaccine was to prevent loss of life, but reports are already beginning to support this trend. Again, the risk-benefit analysis is not thorough.
6) For herd immunity to overtake a pandemic, it requires over 60% (minimum) of the population to have built an immunity to a virus. There are cautions against pregnant women, children under 12, and those with anaphylactic allergies, and a percentage of the cautionary public who don’t want to receive the vaccine meaning this number can’t be attained. Further, current vaccines are not creating immunity; they are lessening symptoms.
7) By some medical standards, this is not considered a vaccine. It is a new science called mRNA that builds new protein chains from your DNA. I’m no scientist, but this sounds like a genetic modification to me. Is this necessary every year like the flu shot? Will further DNA shifts need to be made, like a computer upgrade? Will this start a process you can’t stop? No further information has been provided because no one is asking.

The Media

And who should be asking? The job of a journalist is to report the truth. Almost every news station regurgitates the same information. There has been no investigative reporting on any issue surrounding COVID 19 from mainstream media. There have been no comparisons with seasonal flu, there have been no inquiries into the ties leaders have with pharmaceutical companies. I just saw a Toronto Sun newspaper article this week finally presenting a rational line of questioning on why we are locking down businesses and citizens when numbers are still rising. News stations are reading press releases from vaccine manufacturers. And they are delivering the “great news” of their availability with a bias that is unprofessional.

There have been no interviews with doctors with alternative approaches. There has not even been any investigation into the originating source of the infection. The media reported animal contagion from an open-air market in Wuhan Province, China. There was a cloudy representation of facts and no one investigated further. Since when does the Western media trust information from China?

There are exposes on lesser-known media channels that implicate global leaders with anything from distribution of the virus, infertility or HIV agents in the vaccine, ties to 5G, and collusions on a grand scale more sinister than any movie script. It sounds preposterous, but I have seen more facts and studies presented from this type of journalism than I have from mainstream media.

A recent posting by the CDC lists only 6% of all Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. to have resulted from only the virus. From the CDC website, “ Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” A full 94% of patients died from co-morbidity causes, including diabetes, heart failure, and renal failure, many conditions pre-existing. I am not narrow-minded enough to say Covid may not have caused additional stress and contributed to deaths, but the CDC is reporting these numbers and the media isn’t picking it up. They are reporting increased numbers (from false positives and negatives) of Covid deaths only.

Social media outlets, like Facebook block posts and suspend accounts to ”prohibit misinformation related to the coronavirus”. They want to protect the public from the spread of spam and false claims. Some accounts shut down had a following of as many as a million people. In my quest for truth, I think I default to the millions who are inquiring, as opposed to the few regulators who decide what the truth is.

The Medical Community

The group of authoritarians throughout this pandemic seem to be a select bunch that refuses to review findings from other sources. The WHO are not doctors. Who is advising them? Why is Bill Gates, the head of a technology giant, being interviewed on matters of the pandemic and vaccines? How quickly a doctor can be shamed for their views by the media, but the narrative regarding the vaccine being the only way out of this came from a technology mogul with no medical background. Unedited video clips show health ministers in Canada indicating they are just reading what they are told when they should be in the position of advising.

In America, there is ambiguity in the line between the CDC and the CDC Foundation involved in public and private partnerships, many of which are pharmaceutical companies. The NIH (Dr. Fauci) is a complex multi-billion dollar division of the U.S. government that partners frequently with pharmaceutical companies. Pharma also subsidies most university research around the globe, which makes new treatment options drug based only. No research is funded for holistic studies for cancer, auto-immune diseases, or now Covid 19. The introduction of patents and big money changed the look of pharma decades ago. We quickly became a drug reliant society while they profited. And those same companies are in direct partnerships with the bodies that are providing public advice on this pandemic.

We hear of death counts, and long-term side-effects of some Covid-19 patients with pleas to stay home and prevent this tragedy. But there are hidden truths here. Many patients that died of other causes, but tested positive for Covid 19 were marked as Covid 19 deaths. Long-term side-effects we hear about are blamed on the Coronavirus, instead of being traced back to possible medicines used while in hospital. This is new and novel, and medical doctors can’t be expected to have all – or any – of the answers. But it is their job to look for them.

Drugs and other measures used in and out of hospitals have shown positive results. The UK Lancet study that threw Hydroxychloroquine off the emergency measures list in the US by the CDC included doses given at 5 times the rate of the out-patient work by D. Zelenko, the doctor who publicly announced this protocol, a percentage of patients were already in critical care and many on ventilators. This study was later retracted but the CDC did not change its position. The development of the HCQ protocol by this New York doctor was ONLY to keep people out of the hospital in his effort to care for his community. And a panel of doctors from around the world had to beg the U.S. Senate in December to just look at their study on the use of Ivermectin in a hospital setting with astounding positive results, where the medical body was blocking the use of the drug based on incomplete information from August 2020. When you are working to resolve a global pandemic and save lives every viable option, every doctor, and every drug should be reviewed that show any positive results.


The Gulf War received American approval based on the work of a hired marketing strategy firm who projected images of a young girl in Kuwait declaring the Iraqi assault of a hospital and killing babies. You can google this information. It’s out there! This war was fought for oil; not for human rights. We know how slick politicians are at winning votes and making backroom deals. No one trusts them so why would we trust them through this? They are traveling when we can not. They are isolated from job loss.

The collective voice of the “leaders” in this situation are purposely delivering a message of fear. Henry Hazlitt, a twentieth-century philosopher quotes, “The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.” We are doing the exact opposite. We are setting a tone for the economy, for healthcare, and for liberties that serve a number around only 1% or 2% of the population. By any other standard, this would be ludicrous. The impact on short-term and long-term healthcare costs for delayed surgeries, mental health, domestic violence, and suicide have to be considered. And I know the economic impact of unemployment, bankruptcies, business closures, and national debt do not seem important when you lost a loved one, but these must be considered for the sustained health of a nation.

Keep Looking for the Truth

We are told the same slogans from every level of government, media, and medical sources. “Follow the science, “ and “we’re in this together.” If we follow the science we are only led to confusion. I have read more facts that support the use of alternative medications and keeping our immune systems charged than I have for lockdowns, vaccines, or masks.

So the truth must be mined out. We must look to alternative sources for information. There are many news sources beyond Google and mainstream news channels. Some of my searches lead to some pretty wild theories, including Trump being the second coming! But it is there. There is a change coming. The very fact they are talking about no travel or access to public spaces without the vaccine, tells me this isn’t voluntary. We must make decisions based on facts. The truth is out there. Are you willing to find it?

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