Elevating your messaging through the alchemy of Business Storytelling and Communication Intelligence

Discover the way to revolutionize your communication and elevate your business to a new level of success.

Maximize your language to enable clear marketing to the largest potential audience.

Are you expressing your value in a language that connects and influences others into action?

Storytelling increases your response rate while staying true to your authentic self.

The alchemy of sales language comes from awareness of self, awareness of others, and awareness of how others perceive you.


Understand how you communicate. The core values you operate from dictate your views on the world that are represented in how you speak, write and intake information.


Speak to the audience that is aligned to your values. Know their challenges, joys, goals. Understand your value to them on their journey.


Using storytelling to illustrate who you are invites the audience who resonates with your messaging to follow, interact, and grow to know you.


Clearly target your messaging to the personality profile that needs your services. Find the key to speaking outside your comfort zone in a way that still feels authentic.

These simple building blocks make sales a natural, logical process that will build your book of business and grow raving fans.

Helen Harwood Snell is building a strong community of business storytellers enhanced with the proven brain science of personality assessment. Helen is a certified Communication Coach and Trainer, expert storyteller, biographer, ghostwriter, and copywriter.

Let Helen do the work for your next writing project to benefit from enlightened communication to reach a broader market audience.

Helen Serves Entrepreneurs Seeking

> Growth from their effort
> Proven systems to follow
> Relationship building
> Expert guidance
> Quality service for their money

That’s why both VIP content production for those who value expertise and DIY training to suit the entrepreneur who wants to craft their own message to make a difference in the world are available.

Have you been deferring the opportunity to speak from stage because you don’t have a signature talk?

Could your business benefit from a published book but you don’t have the time or confidence to begin?

Ghostwriting services elevate messaging to connect with your audience with branded Power Scriptingtm while staying authentically on brand to your unique business personality.

Storytelling and values-based communication develop your clear brand message in language that speaks to the individual to evoke the purchase response.

Don’t you want to take less time to make the sale?

Our most valuable commodity is time. We can honour both our own time and those of the people we meet by using crafted stories that speak to shared values to establish alignment. Trust is established in less time. A strategic approach to individual clients makes them feel valued. Your expertise is shared effectively. And the path to success becomes much shorter. That’s the best return.

Live weekly coaching will provide you with tools, sales communication training and business brainstorming to develop clear messaging over all mediums to accelerate your business. The VIP upgrade includes private coaching to prepare content for you and additional, exclusive benefits.

Elevated sales presentations are done for you and ready to go. Aren’t you worth it?


Lena Cebula

“Helen provides high-quality editing services. She has been excellent in handling my requests in a timely manner. I am Russian and a new writer and a blogger. English is not easy for me to write. It’s an amazing boost of confidence when a professional corrects my grammar and adds creative editing to my work. I publish my blogs knowing the public will understand the content better. She has helped develop my bio, my 3o second pitch, presentations, and my regular blog. I highly recommend her services.”

Bob Minhas

“Helen has the unique ability to capture my personality and writing style while adding key words in just the right places. She is thoughtful in every piece of work to capture and portray the essence of my personality and my brand.”

Heather DiSanto

“This is a remarkably accurate way to describe my journey thus far… I love your suggestions on how I should move forward. Everything is really coming together.”

A Pouragha

“Helen was able to immerse herself in our industry to provide content that answers the questions clients would ask. Her blog content garnered recognition from key players in our industry. She raised our SEO quite quickly which led to organic customer inquiries. She has my recommendation 100%.”

Laura Armstrong

“Helen was able to define my business and rewrite my “pitch” in her workshop in a way that was not only more engaging and interesting but made it more effective and impressive. I was able to engage and influence my audience on a whole other level due to what I learned. I highly recommend Helen, not only for her storytelling but as a collaboration partner on content needs in your future.”

Rhonda Armour

“Helen has a way about her that puts you at ease when reflecting on where you’ve come from and where you’re going in order to accurately reflect your business.”


“Helen takes a very personal interest in your business and is excellent at crafting and communicating your key messaging.”


“(The workshop) definitely got some ideas going. I hadn’t thought of the different values of a story, and the outline of the hero’s journey was helpful. I am writing a whole jumble of ideas now and going to sift through and see what I can create.”

Richard Morden

“Since participating in Helen’s ‘Tell Your Story’ Program, it has improved my ability to share bits of my story in my networking.  This will always be a work in progress as we need to review this from time to time and see how we have changed so our message changes as well.  Helen provides a relatable foundation that we can make sense of and grow from. I highly recommend working with Helen to help you with the foundational piece and how to use that in various ways with your messaging.”

Kate Unger

“The Business Storytelling Workshop helped me see the value of sharing my story to attract like-minded people. I’ve always shared stories through my music and I learned the basics of sharing them in my business communication, too. It totally resonated with me.”

Not Sure Which is Right for You?