As I enter into week 4 of my 30 Day Transformation I have to comment on exercise and consistency.  Funny, because I haven’t been consistent with my blog… family birthdays and preparing for vacation.  But here I am with the latest!  Exercise is one of those things you can build into your life in a way that totally suits you. You could get your groove on dancing at clubs, or taking salsa lessons, and there is always aerobics and zumba, hiking, cycling, and going to the gym. I think we’ve lost the art of simple exercise. It’s so healthy to work in your own garden planting, weeding, and then reaping the rewards.  You can also get some good work cutting a large lawn. It’s funny to me that people pay others to cut their grass and then they buy a gym membership. But it’s whatever works for you.


I know myself well enough at my age to know I need something organized to show up to. I played baseball for most of my life, I’ve played squash, and I did karate for a stint. Now I show up to organized exercise classes.  My choice for the last several years has been Crossfit.  I enjoy several things about this (and dread other things – like burpees!): there are class levels everyone can feel comfortable in, they strive to create community, you experience gymnastics, cardio, and weights combined in most classes.  I really like the weight-lifting component, but there are options to just use your own body weight, too. That’s works better for some people. My favourite thing is not having to figure it out myself. I have modifications for many workouts because of my knees. Too many injuries when I was young, and seemingly invincible, now leave me unable to apply impact or twisting. It’s a surprise to many that Crossfit accommodates this. My particular gym, Anchor, offers yoga as well.  This is the perfect combination for me, and, what do you know? It’s the prescribed combination for my challenge this month, too!

If you’re a fitness junkie you will hear about macros, the new ketosis diet, paleo… all sorts of eating plans.  I love this video by Dr. Alli Cain Winberg, chiropractor, and co-owner of Crossfit Anchor with her thoughts on :

Dr. Alli Cain Winberg

Just like exercise, nutrition plans are also unique to each individual.  Research and trusted referrals are always suggested.  And I’ll add in here, too, that the fitness industry, like all things, is tainted by companies looking to make money, and not keep your health as a priority.  Many protein shakes, sports drinks, and other supplements are full of chemicals, high sugar content, and allergens.  I’ve been using the Arbonne protein shake, and the Phytosport line for Pre- and Post-workout supplements, and Hydration for electrolyte replacement. They offer no artificial flavour, sweeteners, plant-based protein sources, low-glycemic index, full amino acid score,  and balanced electrolytes, Have a look at the clean Arbonne nutrition lineup here.

Arbonne nutrition



Our 30 Day Transformation coach has prescribed two different fitness program guides depending on where our current fitness levels are. Both recommend a level of cardio and muscle-building.  My key is consistency.  It’s been great for me to be ‘reporting in’ along this journey because I schedule these workouts on my calendar like appointments to be sure I get them in. I have that problem with most things.  I always have so many things on the go I can easily let something slip unless I write it down.  Unfortunately, ‘me’ time is the thing that often gets lost. There is work, family, and household chores that seem to stare me down, but I often don’t see me.  This has been really empowering this month. I’ve even accomplished a few things I’ve never done before at the gym – like knees-to-elbows, and a 30 second plank on rings. (This isn’t me, by the way!)

Mindset has been really important to these accomplishments. Proper diet, exercise, and mindset are the winning combination to stick with it and make real changes. I’m sticking with this, and, although I won’t be reporting in as often I’m sure my discoveries and little changes will still make it to this page of my ramblings….