Creating content for sales presentations and marketing.
Copy doesn’t have to be slick.
It just has to be real.

Tell a Story. Change the Conversation.

Creating social media content and powerful sales conversations are hard.

Creating social media content and powerful sales conversations are hard.

It’s expensive to hire a social media manager.
Many coaching programs don’t deliver.
You’ve seen all the ads for AI for writing. 
You’ve seen the packages for one year of social media posts. 
You’ve seen all the salesy looking ads.

But they don’t feel right
Because they’re not you
You want to be real

Learn how to use the power of story-telling

  • Do you struggle to come up with social media content?
  • Are you finding sales conversations difficult?
  • Do you find yourself lost in the details and missing the important outcome?

Don't Worry

The simple, proven technique of Business Storytelling Basics will allow you to : 

Connect emotionally with your prospects

Create seamless and original content

Understand the value of your story to your brand

Close sales in less time with less stress

Use new technology, like AI, with your unique voice

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Get the introductory price of $67 for lifetime access to Business Storytelling Basics

Video training is presented in bite-sized chunks. Worksheets provide the opportunity to record your creativity. A total of 5 units work through these gamechangers.

Bonuses include a Personality Profile and an introduction to Communication Intelligence.

Look for the limited calendar  access to a one-hour call to hone your story library. This call with Helen is valued at $250.

Harnessing the power of your story

Connecting your story to your client’s journey

Understanding the traditional storytelling framework

Telling stories that create emotional connections and build trust

Business Storytelling Personalities

Providing clear messaging to different personality types

Write your stand-out bio

Learn how to communicate your value

Make easy sales through genuine connection

Tell a Story. Change the Conversation.

A bit about your host, Helen

A bit about your host, Helen

A bit about your host, Helen

I am a professional copywriter, ghostwriter and certified communication coach but storytelling is where my heart lies. Story plays a part in everything I do. I enjoy reading, telling, listening to, and creating my own stories. My unique interview techniques and communication intelligence training create dynamic biographies and content that attract the right clients. I am a multiple bestselling author and have helped others reach bestseller status through ghostwriting. I encourage you to take your time with the course material to explore at your own pace in the Business Storytelling Basics Course. Once you understand the basics you can always connect if the words just aren’t flowing or you don’t have the time to dedicate to content creation. That’s my happy place.


The course material ranges from 10 to 15 minutes per session. Each has a worksheet to download and follow along for easy note taking.

The basics of storytelling don’t require great writing skills. Capturing a few moments from your experiences to relate to your potential client is all it takes to make a difference.

Act now to get your free one-hour coaching call with Helen. This will create urgency to complete the course and provide a polish to your completed course progress.

Good question! Think of a story library like a collection of photos you use on social media. You continue to add to the list and choose appropriate stories for the right audience and occasion.

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Learn the Fastest Way to Create Impactful Content

You’ve already got the stories in you!

I get it! I struggled with social media content for so long.

Then I discovered storytelling.

Not only did it change my social media, it changed my whole career as a content writer.

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