I’m a fifty-something entrepreneur finding myself wanting a very different look going forward than what I see when I look back. I’ve gained a fearful respect for the fragility of the planet, it’s plants and animals.  I’ve realized we, too, are fragile and need care and respect.  

My superpower is harmony. I model harmony between people, and I dream of harmony between people and the planet that supports us. I approach this with the theme of small steps to change. I’m a blogger, a speaker, and a life-long learner.  I’ve taken many small steps along the way that have added up to some pretty big changes, including switching to a plant-based diet in 2016.

As a brand ambassador for the vegan quality brand of Arbonne International I was inspired to travel down this path several years ago. It’s just one foot in front of the other, and suddenly you’re somewhere new!

I work as a writer and an editor. Helping people tell their stories by creating content and blogs for businesses, and ghost-writing books, is such a privilege. We all have a story worth telling.

I live in Ontario, Canada. I love being outdoors – even in the snow!

I also love being a mother to three awesome kids. I want to leave them a better world.