Ah! Just the word brings a smile to my face. We have so many reasons to celebrate so many things. We just had some recent family birthdays. That’s always a cause to celebrate. I’m just about to head off on some fun vacation time with my girls. I celebrate every minute I have with them. I’m finishing off my 30 Day Transformation and will celebrate that with a little pampering. But it’s also great to celebrate just being alive! Summer harvest! Sunshine! My puppies!

dogs at school July 2017

My son was home for both his and my youngest daughter’s birthdays and I made this fantastic cashew cheese cake inspired by fresh berries from my local farmer’s market and this recipe Raw Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. That was a celebration in a few ways.

cheesecakeI’ve been eating very clean this past month, and will continue to do so moving forward. It’s been quite an experience.  Shifts in mindset make the most lasting change. I don’t consider this a diet, or restrictive, just good fuel for my body. That perspective makes it pleasing to do. I’m so pleased with how easy this was and how I feel that I will continue on with the same plan for another 30 days. It feels good to feel good!

Back to this cake. Although it contained maple syrup (not on my current eating plan), it was incredibly delicious and healthy! A hazelnut crust, and cashew filling provided protein and healthy fats. We added fresh berries and found a coconut-based whipped topping so no dairy for my daughter who is lactose intolerant. I was able to ‘indulge’ without any guilt, or negative results on the scale. I produced something with my own hands with love. And my non-vegan family members loved it as much as I did! That’s always one of my inspirations when I have family or friends over.  I want to show people eating whole food, and a plant-based tastes good! I served a cashew based cream cheese I made to some clients at a patio spa a few weeks ago, and they were equally amazed at the taste when they found out it wasn’t really ‘cheese’!

I’m excited to treat myself to that same R & R – literally a new product line called Rescue and Renew I can indulge myself in for a skin detox and aromatherapy experience. I often don’t take time for me. This month has been a good reminder.  Choosing healthy food is treating myself like I’m important. Hitting the gym regularly has provided some new accomplishments with strength and gymnastics movements. A happy tummy, and no joint pain has been a big plus, too!  All ways to say ‘I’m worth it!’ That wasn’t something I could do a few years ago. I’ve come a long way! I often treat my clients to this wonderful R & R experience, but I’m going to pamper myself as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for a good month of health.

Celebrating me feels pretty darn good.