I’m changing things up this month.  I guess it’s still a small step, a little thing, like most things I post about, but it feels big because I’m committing to a healthy reboot throughout July and am going to be vulnerable with you and blog about it regularly. I’ve heard it’s not good to start a change on a Monday, so I’m beginning on Wednesday this week (really it’s just the end of a long weekend in Canada and I’m not ready yet….) So I have 30 days ahead on a complete health focus: clean, whole vegan food, vegan supplement support to maximize the benefits, I’m cutting out potential allergens, and getting regular exercise and good sleep.

I eat a plant-based diet, but you can eat badly as a vegan, too!!  Unfortunately potato Popcorn moviechips are plant-based and that’s a problem for me! My weakness is salty snacks.  I could live without chocolate and candy easily for the rest of my life, but chips, popcorn, nachos – they all tempt me with that ‘you can have just a few’ lie. And I have survived quite happily without them before, but when I switched a year and a half ago to a plant based diet I had to figure everything out all over again; new meal plans, new sources of protein, new snacks.  When I don’t prepare ahead, or am tired, lazy, or just plain zombied out on the couch I make poor choices.

I also attend a Crossfit gym, but often schedule ‘important’ things and don’t get there as often as I would like.  This month is no less than three times a week – four is optimal.  And I’m aiming for bed at 10:00 pm.  That’s also going to be a tough one.  I have to be organized in so many areas to make this work.  But I can do it!

And you can, too.  We can all challenge ourselves to do something that’s important to us, and make it work.  It might not be diet; it might be making less waste, or spending time with family, or it might be volunteering for a cause that’s important to you, but you will find a way.

So here’s my way! It’s important for me to be healthy because I want to encourage people to try plant-based foods, I want to heal the planet, I want people to live rich, full, healthy lives, I want to represent my company well, but mostly I want to feel better.  I know what it’s like to be full of energy, to sleep well, and not to have a muffin top. And I’m going to get it back. Just watch me! And the plan is it will last well beyond the thirty days. This is not a ‘diet’. It’s a reboot for my system to get that healthy rhythm back.

Do what makes you happy. Find your purpose in life.